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Cloud Based Email Archiving

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Features of Mail Archive

Affinity Mail Archive offers the busy IT support organization an easily managed yet feature-rich solution to provide secure, geographically distributed storage of critical email communications.

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  • Choice of archive retention policies, from three months to ten years.
  • Fully customizable email retention and deletion policies.
  • Delegated access controls allow for message access by auditors or other authorised personnel.


  • 256-bit encryption of all archived messages.
  • All messages are stored on redundant systems at no less than two geographically distributed datacenters.
  • Checksum verification ensures that all messages are successfully archived.
  • Messages are stored as read-only, with their original contents and metadata fully protected.
  • Legal Hold allows retention of messages past their normal retention date.

Easy to use

  • Search mechanism allows administrators and customers to quickly find relevant messages, based on date, sender, recipient, subject, body text, attachment contents and other criteria.
  • Message tagging allows messages to be categorised for export or for subsequent reference.
  • Simple and clean user interface – no training required.

One solution for all your domains

  • Fully re-brandable at all customer touch points.
  • Compatible with virtually any email infrastructure.
  • Can be used with Mail Protection to provide a single, integrated solution for anti-spam/antivirus protection, always-on email continuity, and message archiving.


  • Value-oriented pricing, with no upfront costs.
  • Enable archive for a full domain, or selected users only – and pay only for what you use.

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The benefits of Mail Archive

In the past, cost and complexity have been barriers to the implementation of the archive solution, particularly for smaller organisations. Today,  a robust email archive solution can be  easily implemented, highly cost-effective and nearly – or completely – maintenance-free.

The demand for email archive is growing.  From the need to manage the storage requirements associated with the growing volume of historical email, to the need to respond to an increasing number of regulatory requirements related to email, an email archive solution fulfills multiple needs and provides numerous benefits for organisations.

Offloading email infrastructure

The ever-growing volume of email puts more and more strain on an organisation’s email infrastructure. Mail Archive relieves the burden on groaning email infrastructures, removing or delaying costly investments in hardware upgrades and saving the maintenance headaches of reliably maintaining important email.

Preserving intellectual property

Email contains some of the most valuable information within an organisation, providing a record of internal and external communications across the company over a period of years. Mail Archive’s advanced easy to use search mechanisms, along with manual or automatic tagging of messages, makes it simple for customers to find the information they are looking for.

Meeting regulatory requirements

For many organisations, government or industry regulations require the retention of email communications for years. Mail Archive helps meet these requirements with message retention for up to 10 years, customisable retention policies, tamperproof storage and full audit logs.

Built-in availability

The cloud-based, geographically distributed infrastructure of Mail Archive means that if disaster strikes, your valuable email history isn’t threatened. Messages can be accessed at any time, or exported from the archive service in EML, MBOX, or PST formats.

Preparing for disputes

When disputes or litigation occur, having a verifiable archive of email communications is often critical in proving who said what and when. The Mail Archive Legal Hold feature allows selected messages to be retained past their normal retention period in order to meet legal preservation needs.

Simplified email management

When bundled with Mail Protection, Mail Archive provides an integrated solution and a single console for email security, email continuity, and email archive. End users can access quarantined messages, queued messages when their own email infrastructure is offline, and their archived messages, all in one place – while administrators similarly save time and money with one easily managed and comprehensive solution for email security. Easy!

How Mail Archive works

Setting up Mail Archive takes from just a few clicks to no more than 10 minutes.  A fully hosted service, Mail Archive, requires no hardware, software, or other infrastructure to maintain, and works seamlessly with virtually any existing email infrastructure.

How it works

Get going in minutes

Setting up Mail Archive is as simple as identifying the accounts to archive, specifying how long to archive messages and configuring secure email communications between the service and the organization.

Accounts can be established manually, or automatically synchronised with your Active Directory, LDAP server, or other identity management system. Unlike most other archive solutions, Mail Archive can be enabled either for a full domain or for a subset of mailboxes within a given domain.

You choose archive duration

Messages can be archived for as little as three months or for as long as 10 years. Organisations can apply multiple retention policies, such that certain types of messages (for example, service contracts) may be archived for a shorter or longer time than other messages. Users can also set a “never delete” option against one or more messages with our Legal Hold feature.

Archives all internal, outbound and inbound mail

Mail Archive typically “pulls” messages via a journaling feature. On the mail server, a journaling mailbox records a copy of all messages sent to or from a domain. The Mail Archive service connects to the server every few minutes and downloads messages from the journaling mailbox via a secure protocol. The service supports IMAP and IMAPS as well as SSL and TLS communications.

For customers using Mail Protection, the process is even simpler, since the accounts already exist and the archive service already has access to inbound and outbound messages being sent through Mail Protection.

Security and reliability are built-in

Mail Archive securely stores messages using 256-bit AES encryption, in multiple geographically distributed datacenters so that messages are protected even in the event of an outage at a given datacenter. The service also uses checksums and other measures to ensure that all messages are reliably archived.

Easy to use

Archived messages are accessible via the Mail control panel, which features simple and advanced search functionality along with message tagging, delegated access control, export capabilities, and customizable retention policies for different types of email messages.

The Mail control panel, along with all other end-user touch points, can be fully re-branded for an organisation or its service provider and features hierarchical management capabilities.

Customers using Mail Protection along with Mail Archive benefit from a single integrated control panel for robust anti-spam/antivirus protection, always-on email continuity, and email archive. The enabling of the archive service for Mail Protection customers is as simple as a few clicks.  Easy!

Mailboxes 1 Year Service* 10 Year Service*
1-99 £1.25 £3.25
100-249 £1.15 £3.00
250-999 £1.05 £2.75
1,000+ £1.00 £2.50
*Price is per mailbox, per month and excludes VAT.

The 1 year service allows a retention period of up to one year, and up to 5 GB storage space per mailbox (averaged across the domain).

The 10 year service allows a retention period of up to one year, and up to 25 GB storage space per mailbox (averaged across the domain).

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