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Internet web security and content filteringSecure all devices with OpenDNS

Start using OpenDNS today to secure your business from Internet threats. Block malware and contain botnets across all connected devices. Deploy in minutes with no hardware to install or software to maintain.

Why OpenDNS for Security?

By leveraging the advantageous position as the world’s largest DNS provider, OpenDNS provides enterprises with a proactive security layer that both blocks inbound malware infections, and outbound botnet communications. The result: This sophisticated approach means malware can’t get in, and bots can’t connect to your network and wreak havok.

No other service like it exists and if you’re like the thousands of global organizations — including Fortune 10 enterprises, FTSE 100 organisations, the world’s leading academic institutions and SMBs, alike — that rely on OpenDNS for their web filtering, you’ll soon find it the most indispenable service you run on your network.

Easily control Internet access across all Internet-connected devices.

Use OpenDNS to control Web access, limit legal liability and enhance productivity — not just on computers, but all connected devices. With company-wide Web filtering based on Active Directory users, devices and groups, OpenDNS makes it easy to create and enforce access policies to suit the needs of your users. Unlike other services, OpenDNS is cloud-based and immediately takes effect across all Internet-connected devices on your network, helping you remove the complexity around managing security for mobile devices.

The hands-down easiest security solution to deploy and manage.

OpenDNS is a cloud-based service that can be deployed across multiple distributed locations simply and effortlessly, providing enterprises with the lowest TCO. No appliance or software is required, reducing the upfront cost and time to deploy. Provisioning, management and reporting for all networks is done through the cloud-based dashboard.

The most scalable security service available. With an A+ for uptime.

OpenDNS operates the largest independent recursive DNS service in the world with 12 global datacenters and 100% uptime since service inception in 2006. Through its unique DNS-based approach, OpenDNS is able to provide enterprise-class Internet threat protection and Web filtering without impacting network resources or becoming a bottleneck for network traffic. OpenDNS scales seamlessly to accommodate Internet usage growth in the enterprise requiring no future hardware upgrades.

Simple deployment and administration

Deploying OpenDNS takes less than 30 minutes. Simply point your router, gateway or DHCP server’s DNS settings to the OpenDNS Anycast IP addresses, then register your network IPs and configure your settings in our Dashboard. That’s it — OpenDNS is the easiest way to protect your networks and users.

Low total cost of ownership

No appliance, no software and no desktop clients needed. OpenDNS works with your current infrastructure. With its simple deployment and easy to manage approach, you save both time and money allowing you to focus on other projects.

Global footprint with high availability and reliability

OpenDNS operates 12 global datacenters, ensuring quick responses for more than 30 billion DNS queries daily and coverage for businesses and employees anywhere in the world. OpenDNS users have experienced zero downtime since service inception in 2006. Our unique architecture guarantees both that you connect to our closest datacenter, and will automatically fail over to the next closest datacenter if the original is unavailable.

No latency and no bandwidth bottlenecks

OpenDNS operates at the DNS layer so there is no latency added to your Internet transaction. In addition, OpenDNS can scale to handle your growth in bandwidth usage without the need to upgrade or increase service usage amounts. Our service will never be the bottleneck on your network ensuring that your users can access the Internet resources they need while remaining protected.

Scales with your business

As a cloud-based service, OpenDNS Enterprise scales seamlessly to accommodate your growing business needs. As you add new networks and locations, simply add them to your account through the Web-based dashboard, configure the networks and you’re done.

Block Page Bypass

Block Page Bypass is an innovative feature that allows the granting of special permissions to bypass filtering settings without the use of any software or appliance. This feature enables you to assign individual users, such as your marketing managers, the ability to access specific filtering categories, such as social networking, or individual domains that are normally blocked on your network. Bypass privileges can be granted persistently on a per-user basis or through use of a bypass code, which grants access for one hour to 10 years.

Whitelists and Blacklists

OpenDNS enables you to customize our category-based filtering to meet each network’s specific needs. Quickly create exceptions to allow or block specific domains, regardless if the category it belongs to is allowed or blocked.

Whitelists allow you to ensure that a particular site is always accessible, even if the category it belongs to is being blocked. Blacklists operate in the opposite fashion by ensuring that a site on the blacklist is never accessible. OpenDNS Enterprise customers can have 500+ entries in their whitelist and blacklist to accommodate custom needs.


OpenDNS’s Whitelist-Only feature is best used for networks where Internet access should be restricted to specific domains. This allows for a “locked-down” and controlled Internet environment.

Internet-wide security network

Since OpenDNS resolves 2% of the world’s DNS queries, it has unique insight into security threats and trends. In addition, more than 10 of the world’s leading authorities on malware sources and botnet destinations partner with OpenDNS to keep you safe.

Prevent infections from malware

OpenDNS’s malware site protection proactively blocks access to malicious sources, greatly reducing the risk of infections. Malware reports with per-user visibility identifies who is at risk within your organization. Malware encompasses traditional viruses and worms, as well as modern trojans and drive-by installers. This internet-wide protection is application, OS, protocol and port agnostic. Deployment is a breeze and adds a significant security layer to your existing infrastructure.

Contain data leaks from botnets

OpenDNS uniquely stops known bots on your network from phoning home. Since bots rely on DNS to connect to their master for instructions, OpenDNS is in a unique position to block that communication path. When we see a request for a known malicious site, we block the domain from resolving and notify you of which device is infected. This reduces the risk of criminal organizations extracting sensitive information from compromised devices and using your network and endpoint resources for attacks.

Phishing protection

OpenDNS created and operates PhishTank, the largest clearinghouse of phishing information on the Internet. PhishTank data is automatically integrated into your OpenDNS service, providing your users with protection against fraudulent websites that attempt to steal your personal information and money.

Suspicious response protection

Suspicious responses are used in DNS rebinding attacks to allow malicious scripts access to internal network resources. They do this by pointing public DNS entries to the internal network space. OpenDNS allows you to block these suspicious responses and secure your network from DNS rebinding attacks.

Simple, Effective Web Security for pennies per day

For just a few pence per day, you can protect all your Internet enabled devices. With prices starting from just £1.00 per month can you afford not to get protected?

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