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Server & Network Monitoring

Server and Network MonitorServer and Network Monitoring

Crucial IT Systems – Maximum Uptime – for just £29.95 per month.

Can you quantify the cost to you (and your customers) if your IT system was down for a whole day?

Affinity IT’s easy, affordable Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring service checks your server and network is functioning round the clock.

For less than £1.00 a day we’ll check:

  • Sever health and performance
  • Disk space availability/ consumption
  • File and folder sizes are within expectations
  • Network speed and connectivity
  • Web page availability
  • Vital Windows Services are working

If we find an issue we’ll report it to you, and you decide what course of action to take.

Our Server and Network Monitoring service provides top quality information, so we can drill down to the root of the problem and work to fix things quickly with minimum disruption to your business.

Free Trial

Contact us for a 35-day free trial of Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring. It takes just ten minutes to set up, and there’s no obligation. Does £1.00 a day compare to the cost of a day’s downtime for your staff and your customers?

Contact us now to start your free trial!

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